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Barcamp @ Second Life May 21, 2006

Posted by rajAT in barcamp, MMORPG.

Barcamp Virtual

Recently, Barcamp was organized in virtual world. Now that is unconference in truest sense. The venue for this first of its kind of conference was Waterfall Salons @ the Hipcast Expo. The accomodations coudln't have been more geeky. The arrangements for accomodations included audio streams and video streams. The conference was scheduled at 6-8 PM SLT. Yeah you got it right, SLT is Second Life Time. They had a information center too. For more information one could have pinged Spin Martin or HL9 in Second Life. More FLICKR pics of this amazing barcamp are here.

Now the virtual worlds have been touted as the next big thing. Social, cultural and economic possibilities they present will just blow your mind.

Lets take an example. We all got blowed by the movie called Matrix. One of the most outlandish thing that was shown in Matrix was that on demand a software program of a skill like kung-fu, flying a helicopter can be loaded into a human and he becomes an expert on it. Now acquiring and expertising most of these skills is not a joke in real world. But in a virtual world everything is possible. So if you want that your Avtaar (your alter-ego) should dance like Michael Jackson or play guitar like Eric Clapton, its possible. Use your Linden Dollars.

This just show one possibility. There are tonnes of things that can be done in Virtual World. In virtual life you can do anything and are not restrained by your physical and mental capacities. One of the Second Life veterans who goes by the name of SageBrushed always wanted to pursue an architectural career but couldnt not make it. In Second Life he is considered to be one of the top architects. For the naysayers, people in second life owns virtual houses and virtual lands.

So go and create your alter egos :).



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