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TiVo Guru Guides May 24, 2006

Posted by rajAT in aggregator, TiVo.


TIVO has announced something really cool called TiVo Guru Guides.

TiVo Guru Guides are lists of the best television programs, hand selected by experts in categories you care about. We've partnered with cultural leaders like Sports Illustrated, Billboard, CNET, and Entertainment Weekly who know what's worth watching. You can browse TiVo Guru Guides and choose individual show recommendations to record onto your DVR via TiVo Online Scheduling or even better, sign up to automatically record a Guide directly on your DVR.

With this feature it once again proves that future of media lies not in distribution but in aggregation of content.

I myself have been a believer from long time that the TV viewing experience should be made better. And by that I don’t mean bigger TV screens, flat screens, dolby surround system etc. The TV hardware that people have is good enough. But what they need is help to search through 100 of channels and 1000 of programmes that get beamed in their TV daily.

Guru Guides help a lost couch potato like me to know the best of the content that is getting beamed. Guru's in that area e.g. sport illustrated will recommend that content to me and that will get downloaded to my DVR. Now how cool is that. So next time when I switch on my TV I will not miss any of the best programming on sports illustrated. My legs are already getting weak here :).

The concept of time-shifting of the TV content is already disruptive now by putting this feature TiVo has made their offering all the more compelling.

All the best guys and carry on the good work.






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