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Why TiVo needs Google ? May 26, 2006

Posted by rajAT in dvr, google, TiVo, video.

Both the search giants Yahoo and Google are getting aggressive on the video front as that was the last frontier left where they have not made any significant in roads till now. So TiVo can lead them to the bedroom of consumers where they don’t have any place right now.

A major reason given for what TiVo is going to gain out of this deal is that – A consumer will search for a video on the web through a PC and then watch them on their television sets. Doesn't it seemed a bit far fetched at the moment. The kind of video content people search on internet is better consumable only on the PC. For a moment let us forget the horrible viewing experience a consumer will have to bear while viewing the content on TV because of different resolutions. How will one decode the content available in so many different formats?

TiVo is going to do decoding on hardware. If they are going to do it in software then why you need a set top box in first place. Just select the content on web, download it through internet and then transfer the display on any big screen.

If a user is going to get a message when he is seeing a transferred content from internet on his TiVo that the "Decoder for this video is getting downloaded" then from next time a user is going to see stuff on his PC only.

It has been said that if TiVo wants to become "Google of TV" TiVo needs Google. It will help the 3 million subscribers to search for and watch any broadcast or broadband media.

One very important question that needs to be answered here is that to become "Google of TV", does TiVo needs Google? Now that is a billion dollar question, isn't it? Google is Google today because of the page rank algorithm. Does this page rank algorithm needed for video search? I really don't think so.

Video content that is mostly available is in directory format. Plus the tagging provides a better search experience then the keyword based.

Last but not the least I really don’t know how a add sense is going to work on this platform. I have used interactive TV interface in Boston. They will provide with a summary of the programme in couple of lines and it was really difficult to read them from distance. And we are talking about reading discreet Google ads. If we talk about any other model then it is not Google ad sense and need to be perfected then why Google.

I think TiVo is much better off without Google. TiVo has done all the hard work and market seems good for it now. It should not now let Google to exploit it.

CNeT report on it is here.



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