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SpiceJet: The spiciest one May 30, 2006

Posted by rajAT in indian aviation, jet airwarys, low cost airlines, spicejet, spicy.


I was the last passenger to get on to the SpiceJet flight from Delhi to Hyderabad. As soon as I boarded the flight the lovely air hostess told the captain, “All on board”. The door behind me began to close. I stood there and was looking at the closing door. It was a different feeling and for a moment I thought I am in my charted plane all for myself and they are waiting for me to get on the flight. I stood there thinking when this dream will come true but suddenly the air hostess interrupted, “Sir, please take your seat”. While I was going towards my seat the plane began to move and I felt as if I have boarded a bus and not a plane. Talk about mood swings ;). Can’t they wait for me to be seated? I know the flight is late but still. Don’t know whom to blame for the delay: AAI for the poor infrastructure or SpiceJet ground staff who could have been a bit more enterprising in crowd control. The flight was full half an hour late.

It all began when I entered the airport. As usual I forgot to get my luggage screened and went straight to the ticketing counter for my boarding pass. This time I realized myself that I have to get my luggage screened before I can proceed any further. So I went back to get my luggage screened. When I have entered the airport there was no rush at the x-ray machine but now the line was as very long. I cursed myself.

After getting my luggage screened, I collected my boarding pass and more troubles started. There were close to 10 flights scheduled in the space of 1 hour i.e from 9 pm to 10 pm. And the rush at security check was unbelievable. I told to the fellow who was standing next to me that this looks like a railway station. He smiled and said that railway station is better but this seems to be a bus stand. And everybody around us laughed. The joke was not all that great but I guess everybody was looking for a small relief from the chaos around. The AC’s were not working and the kids were yelling on top of their voices. I know it is not the kids fault but these are instances which make me hate the Kids. I sincerely pray to god that he should make kids a bit more understanding.

The time is 9:10 pm and the flight is supposed to depart at 9:30 pm and I am still standing in the security check line. And there is no chance that I will make through it soon. I was cursing Praful Patel and everybody involved in airport modernization process for delaying it so much. Now I am going to miss my flight and who is going to pay for it. Mr. praful patel I am not going to vote for your govt. in the next election. Things got worse when I reached some 5 feet close to security check entrance – the police officer announced that the line in which I am standing is not legal and all the passengers should go back and come in line. I was like what the hell. Till now nobody said that this line iwaslegal or not legal and now he was saying that this was illegal. The gentleman standing in front of me and behind me couldn’t take it anymore and blasted the officer. A major confrontation began between the police officer and the public which resulted in the victory of us, the passengers.

Near the security gate I saw a big family who were flying Air Deccan to Mumbai. There were 3 adults and 5 kids in that group. One kid with them was carrying couple of bats. Police officer told him that he can not take it onboard and the little boy gave him a look that was so cute. (Some of the instances when I love kids). The kid’s dad was also not supporting the poor chap and was scolding him. Now the kid has hugged his bats very tight and won’t let anybody near him. I reasoned with the police officer what is wrong with the bats, he is not going to hijack the aeroplane with them. But he was very strict and refused to listen. In the end kid’s mother turned out to be the most enterprising of the lot and she got the bats checked in. The same family was carrying large bags as cabin luggage and again the security guy created a ruckus. Lots of other passengers were also carrying big bags as cabin luggage. All of them have to get their big luggage checked in which amounted to the flight delay. I think this could easily be avoided if the airline staff, while issuing the boarding pass, can check the cabin luggage of the passengers. This also showed that middle class passengers who are flying for first time do not much about the baggage regulations and airlines should do something to educate the customer who is flying for the first time. It is in their benefit as that will save time. Most importantly, the customer will also not feel harassed. The Indian aviation industry has a long way to go before they will be on par with their counterparts in the developed countries.

Well finally I made through the security check and reached the departure lounge. It was a complete mess there was a sea of people standing there and I was not able to see the gate of the spice jet for Hyderabad. They were flying couple of flights to other destinations and I don’t want to end up in the wrong flight. 🙂

Now I am seated in the flight and strong conditioning of cabin was very relaxing. The warm and the big smile from the spicy air hostess was the best part. Between did I tell you that Spice Jet got the spiciest air-hostesses. I have never seen such beautiful air hostess on any other India airliners – Jet Airways gals are beautiful but very formal. Their smile is kind of robotic like the one I give to my boss. Air Deccan air hostess don’t smile much and even if they smile it is like a smile that I gave to my aunt who is bent on getting me married. Air Sahara, Indian airlines girls smile like the one you give to any acquaintance. But the Spicejet girls smile is big and friendly. I don’t know but I have become full fida :). So all you people out there if you want the most spicy experience at 37,000 feet above see level you know what to do 🙂 :).

PS: The post was written at 37,000 feet when I was enjoying all the spices ;).  




1. vamsi - June 30, 2006

Writing about the experience while flying is again a good thing to experience. How do you do rate SpiceJet? when compared to other airlines in the indian industry?

2. sanyam - August 22, 2006

i assume that your claims of Spiciest AirHostess is based on the fact that you still hv to taste a flight in KingFisher 😉

mallaya rocks

3. sudhesh - August 29, 2006

Hi pls send u r flight shedule Ahmedabad to Delh and return

4. Pravin Parekh - September 7, 2006

Dear sir,
Please send us the rate of Ahmedabad to Banglore.
We will go to Banglore at 20th to 25th september.

5. Atul - September 18, 2006

I think our friend is yet to travel on King Fisher
I came back from Ahmedabad two weeks ago The “Spicy” Airhostess offerred cookies and gave such a cold look, that I lost all the desire to take it.

6. Shruti Khandelwal - September 23, 2006

i want to move from Auranagabd (MAH) to Indore(MP).

please tell me how to move and what are the rates

7. ravi - October 11, 2006

nice review. you should post this on mouthshut.com on http://www.mouthshut.com/product-reviews/SpiceJet-925048989.html

8. NINA PUREWAL - November 29, 2006


corparate office
chiefe financial officer

i’m interested in talking to somebody in regards to an air line merger.
Please re-direct my email to somebody in the correct department.

Thank You
Nina Purewal
Cell: 778-858-1451

9. NINA PUREWAL - November 29, 2006


10. Sid - December 12, 2006

Are you nuts Nina???

11. Vishwas Gaikwad - December 13, 2006

I am an aspiring pilot going for selection by ASA for Kingfisher (in Nagpur) today (its 0045 now). I have’nt flyed Kingfisher yet but one of my buddies has and he swears by the beautiful Kingfisher girls (Thats adding to my excitement of piloting Kingfisher birds).

12. Geoff Dodd - February 18, 2007

Yay Kingfisher girls kinda like Emirates air crew. Indian aviation has come a long way. Entrepreneurs can travel for their Residual income ideas to blossom and grow into flourishing Bangalore and Mumbai style enterprises. Fly to Magpur and find out for yourself.

13. nitin - March 4, 2007

The AIRHOSTESS of Spicejet flight 211 on 28 jan.2007 which left delhi at 8.20 to hyderabad (rajshree or same rhyming name ,shree comes in b/n.) is an angel sent by gods to put a smile on the mortals of earth.Her honesty of words and thoughts,her electrifying smile,liveliness,vibrancy,cheerfulness,charm,style,conduct,presentation,body language, services,soothing voice,exhuberating confidence,ability to strike a chord and last but not the least for the trillion dollar smile that almighty amagalmated in the beautiful face that rests on smart shoulders
She trully can put life in a dead soul.
This daffodil of the springs deserve a strong recommendation for higher career prospects.
On my return journey on 3rd. at 4.15 a.m. from hyderabad to delhi were also smilling damsels but the former takes the cake away.

14. MyBlog | Clients : Livewel Air Team - April 25, 2007

[…] It was a complete mess there was a sea of people standing there and I was not able to see the gate of the spice jet for Hyderabad. They were flying couple of flights to other destinations and I don More info […]

15. 1 k - June 3, 2007

1 k

ka-ka-sh-ka 92875 Reviews on 1 k.

16. maheshwari gaikwad - November 27, 2007

wana be an Air hostess for spice jet . im tall good looking graduate.

17. asif - May 9, 2008

hi plz tell me mujhe aap se ek baat ponchni hai pirity khand ka e mail kya hai jo spicejet air hostess hai plz plz tell me
pirity is from dehli but wich place i don no plz hell u spicejet u are verry kind

18. asif - May 10, 2008

i want preity khand Email add see is work spicejet mumbai to dehli plz help plz help

19. Indianairlines - July 18, 2008

gr8 website

20. jasmer singh - December 12, 2008

i am very happy aftr read your story

21. surbhi - May 17, 2009


22. Spicejet Airlines - March 10, 2010

Spicejet is the best low cost airline.. i have been traveled with Spicejet..

Get More When You Fly 🙂

23. Anonymous - July 6, 2010


24. patilya - September 9, 2010

The spice jet air hostess are No. 1 in hospilality lok and cleanliness.

25. pankaj - November 21, 2010

its not true.even kingfisher babes are hotttt

26. pankaj - November 21, 2010

hey sex bikta hai boss

27. Anonymous - September 4, 2011

spicejet was indeed very spicey. they are very good looking… i would love to have one them serve tea in office everyday! 🙂

28. Girish madaan - November 23, 2011

Hi, myself Girish madaan , i am kinly intrested to work as a cabin crew(flight attendent) with spicejet My height is 178cm nd My weight is 65 and my colour complexion is fair , i have good communication skill in written and spoken Hindi ,English punjabi also…plzz Do cl me because i think i perfectly land at your desired criteria……thank you for reading my msg…….9999349550

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