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Bill falls for iPod June 1, 2006

Posted by rajAT in apple, bill gates, ipod, microsoft, steve jobs, technology.

Wall Street Journal reports that Microsoft is planning to compete with Apple by launching iPod. Bill revealed it while giving interview at Journal D: All things digital.


Mr. Gates was coy when asked about rumors that Microsoft’s Xbox group was developing its own portable digital music player to compete with Apple’s blockbuster iPod. “There is such a rumor,” Mr. Gates acknowledged, declining to elaborate.

The trend is nothing new for Microsoft as they always have been followers. But I just hope that they will be able to ship it on schedule, unlike Vista. 🙂

This is a very me-to strategy from Microsoft and we all here expect something more from the software giant. I hope they have done their homework properly before jumping into this arena. The popular thought says something else. The portable music industry is definitely shifting towards converged device – Portable Multimedia Systems a.k.a. Mobile phones. In this year, the sale of walkman mobile phones have dwarfed the sale of iPods. Does n't that indicate that portable mp3 players either need a fresh thinking or Steve Jobs but definitely not Bill Gates. 🙂


You are never too old for an ipod, Bill.



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