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Indian Autorickshaw Challenge June 1, 2006

Posted by rajAT in adventure, fun, india, motorsport, sports.

Guys if you want to be a part of history then this is for you – Indian Autrorickshaw Challenge. This will give birth to a new motorsport. It is a 1000 km (590 miles) rally through the most scenic roads of South India in a three wheel motorized vehicle. The race is open to everyone regardless of experience, nationality, and age.

The race will take you deep into the heart of Tamil Nadu. Once there you'll travel through an incredible course of misty jungles, balmy coastlines, flooded streets, monsoon rains and overpowering Indian crowds. By reaching a multitude of challenging waypoints and completing physical and intellectual exercises, you may be crowned Autorickshaw Rally World Champion.
The IARC sponsorship funds will benefit local anti child labor organizations. All proceeds from our sponsors will go fight unfair child labor practicies in India.




1. zaid - June 1, 2006


Good stuff. Are you guys still taking sponsors? If so, tell me more.


2. /India/Bangalore/things » The Indian autorickshaw challenge! - June 3, 2006

[…] PS: I notice Rajat has already spread the word on this one in his blog. […]

3. aasa - August 15, 2006


google like it?

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