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Games + Learning + Society June 14, 2006

Posted by rajAT in augmented, culture, fun, games, technology, virtual reailty.

Lot of research work has started around the world to understand the influence of gaming on the learning capability of human beings. Moreover, the social implications that agls.gif gaming culture has over a society is debated and discussed very enthusiastically.

Games these days do not only reveal fantasy world in the virtual realm but they also inspire new world views in the physical world. For example – My name is Madison is an Augmented Reality Game that allows users to explore and interact with the urban landscape from a range of perspectives. This project approaches the city as a layered environment. Players understand the development of place through the eyes of history, culture and fantasy.

Now how cool will this be. Learning history in such an environment would be so much fun. It is much better than cramming the history books that we all generally do. After the exam the only thing we remember is, "Akbar was a Mughal Emperor". 🙂 We are not able to appreciate the architecture in that era and we are clueless about the paintings and literature.

But in a simulated environment a student will be able to grasp and retain more. Imagine an overlay comparison of Delhi in British era and present era. Using GPS enabled hand held computer, participants take on the roles of both recipient and creator, performance in context. While walking about the streets, they are provided with information that enhances their understanding of the environment and then gives them the tools to create their own interpretations of place. Amazing!!

The need of hour is more events like these so that issues like learning and social role of games do not get lost in building the gaming industry.



1. coolcat - June 14, 2006

nice post 🙂

2. coolcat - June 14, 2006

and wordpress smileys suck!

3. rajAT - June 14, 2006

thx cc 😀

4. Fun Games - August 24, 2006


Interesting topic… I’m working in this industry myself and I don’t agree about this in 100%, but I added your page to my bookmarks and hope to see more interesting articles in the future

5. Clara - October 9, 2006

i’m doing research into “Games in Society”…thanks for the information…puts a new spin on things….:)

6. rajAT - October 9, 2006

@clara – glad you liked it. Do let me know of your research findings. 🙂

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