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Tips to entrepreneurs from Larry Page June 15, 2006

Posted by rajAT in entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, startup, technology.

Larry Page has got some tips (You Tube Video) for the entrepreneurs.

I must say it is a very structured approach for coming up with something innovative.

Two knuggets from his presentation.

1. Understand the world
2. Find things that seem wrong. 

A cool advice he gave, in regard to Tesla – find someone who can fund your product if you want to change the world. 🙂



1. Prashant - June 15, 2006

have seen this video I even blogged about it . for me the main appeal of this video was in the fact that how number driven and measurement driven this guy is . Usually when we think of someone like Larry Page we think of him as a visionary who works in abstraction ad pure intelligence ..somebody who is out of Sync with realities but this guy was pleasantly down to earth . his comment about storage speed and its implication of over all speed of application were very insight full .
Do you agree ??

2. rajAT - June 15, 2006

Yeah I agree that the presentation was very kool and down to earth, devoid of any hi fi things which generally people tend to do :).
Both of the guys got a special love for mathematics, tht might explain a little bit of their number driveness.

Thx for the comment.

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