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Webyantra: Indian Techcrunch June 21, 2006

Posted by rajAT in india, techcrunch, web2.0.

webyantra.JPGAmit Ranjan has started Indian Techcrunch. Yeps, now all you guys can get instant traffic on their newly launched web service by getting it featured on Webyantra. And I hope that you will get beyond 53,000 meme :).

Webyantra is a blog, which is dedicated to profiling innovative Indian web products and internet services. It’s a platform for Indian web startups, ecommerce websites and internet based businesses to showcase their products & services to Indian internet users.

Amit has earlier featured Pixrat (Flickr + Delicious mashup) on his blog, and subsequently it got picked by TechCrunch. Pixrat is first Indian Web2.0 startup to be featured there. Amit later reviewed TaaZZa which also brought laurels to him. This all motivated him to start Webyantra where all Indian startups will be reviewed.

Webyantra will get hot soon, I don't have an ounce of doubt in my mind about that. Techcrunch was also started humbly roughly an year ago.

Great job Amit and all the best :).



1. amit ranjan - June 22, 2006


Thanks for blogging this and thanks also for your wishes.



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