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Pentagon is snooping my blog June 29, 2006

Posted by rajAT in nsa, pentagon, semantic web.

Pentagaon’s National Security Agency is planning to comb social networking sites and blogs as phone tapping is providing them with limited information. Since 9/11 NSA has been logging all phone calls in US. Now they are going to tap the web, in their pursuit of Osama Bin Laden.

One of the reasons given to pursue this is that people discuss their hobbies passionately at social networking sites. Hence, the people with strong inkling for flying will be under a heavy scanner. Yawn !

The major problem that NSA is facing is that there are too many formats out there in which information is stored out there. So it becomes difficult to map your information on social networking sites with your banking information. Yeps, they are scanning bank records too. They are also trying to map the purchases made by you. So all the people who buys Flight Simulator comes on radar immediately. Then their hobbies will be checked or their past credit histories or where all they have travelled, their cell histories. Its a nightmare. Our digital crumbs are everywhere.

The emergence of semantic web will solve the problem of incompatible data silos that exist on the internet today by a common data structure calledResource Description Framework (RDF).

RDF turns the web into a kind of universal spreadsheet that is readable by computers as well as people,” says David de Roure at the University of Southampton in the UK, who is an adviser to W3C.

“It means that you will be able to ask a website questions you couldn’t ask before, or perform calculations on the data it contains.”

I think people should get more wise while revealing stuff about themselves on the internet. with the development of technology information is going to get easier to merge, fuse and lot of stuff can be inferred from it.

From Indian perspective – Matrimonial checks will be a very famous service. People will use this service to check the background of prospective groom or bride :D.



1. labsji - June 30, 2006

A horoscope microformat anyone?

2. Prashant - June 30, 2006

its scary . In my previous assigment my sys admin use to know my browsing history and he routinely used to extract a cigratte or two by threatning to tell every body what sites i surf .. now i don’t think NSA will stop at that . still if this can avoid another 9/11 i ahve no issue . in anyway 98% of all the data will be garbage for NSA . so don’t worry and who knows soemone may come up with a Digital Fortress 🙂

3. tr - November 21, 2007


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