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TidBITS of Barcamp Hyderabad 2 July 16, 2006

Posted by rajAT in barcamp, barcamphyderabad, barcamphyderabad2.

WiFi was not working thats too bad. Thought of doing some live blogging.

Gulab jamuns that were served during lunch were so yummy :).

Couldn’t attend presentations of my friend Mohit and Rajan.

Saw a gal wearing geek t-shirt. Ahem ! Ahem !! Things surely are changing :).

Crowd at barcamp this time was totally different from the one we got last time.

Met lot of interesting people and came to know lot of new things.

Can’t wait for the next camp. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€



1. Dhaval - July 17, 2006

Why don’t you RSS enable your blog ??

2. rajAT - July 17, 2006

Its RSS enabled dude ..

RSS for post is – https://rajatgupta.wordpress.com/feed/
RSS for comment is – https://rajatgupta.wordpress.com/comments/feed/

3. Gal-who-wears-geek-teeshirt - September 5, 2006

Read this post on the same day it was written, but there wasn’t a link to my blog then!

4. rajAT - September 6, 2006

yeah .. bcos i dint know ur url then ..
so i .. you c .. asked around πŸ˜€
and got it finally ..

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