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Indiagoes – It just got better July 18, 2006

Posted by rajAT in aggregator, betterlabs, blog, india, indiagoes, media2.0, web2.0.

Indiagoes.com is a new generation news service that aggregates and delivers Indian news flawlessly.

Team at Indiagoes has been working hard to make our life simpler. They have added some really nifty features on their website. On of them is the auto tagging of the news item. Auto-tagging really helps in browsing the content by context. Auto-tagging also ensure standardized tags which otherwise are left to whims-fancies of the tagger.

The personalization feature is really the one which has blown me. Normaly you are asked by sites to submit your choices explicitly but Indiagoes learn it automatically. So the more you read, the more it gets tuned to your tastes. Now that is really kewl. 🙂

They have added flickr feeds of Indian content. It is also the best place to find the podcasts and videos of the Indians by the Indians.

Something that has really been missing from the blogosphere i.e. Indian blog Aggregator. Indiagoes has done that too. Kudos to the team.

So have a look at the website here – http://beta.indiagoes.com. Sneak in using the passcode – barcamphyd.

Do let me know your views on it ?



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