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My Technorati Ranking July 22, 2006

Posted by rajAT in blog, dream on, rajat gupta.

I have breached the top 100,000 ranking on Technorati in just 2 months
My current ranking is 98,712.
It is a big feat considering that Technorati tracks 49.1 million blogs.

I am thrilled.

Dream On has made it to the Top 10 WordPress blogs of the day couple of times.

The post on StarDolls has been there in Top 10 posts on wordpress from a week now.

I took a loooong time before I started blogging.
There were number of reasons for not blogging.

But finally I did start blogging. And now I am hooked 🙂

Blogging also landed me some freelancing gigs for US publishing houses.

Now a quick overview of my blog.
I blog about

Number of posts – 72
Comments – 225

No. of Hits – 14,691 ( As on 22nd July, 10 AM IST)

I get traffic from pretty much all over the world.

The clustermaps has done a remarkable job for me. Planning to take their premium service.
Some of the highs of blogging.

Jeff Jarvis, blogger extraordinaire, who blogs at BuzzMachine linked couple of my posts.
Desipundit had linked 4 of my posts.

I had a blog conversation with Richard Charkin, Tom Evslin, Alan Moore, Amit Ranjan and Rashmi Bansal.

Quite a few friends put me on their blogrolls. Thanks guys!!

I came in touch with lot of interesting people all around the world through my blog which wont have been possible otherwise.

Well I dont want to get started here with the power of blogs blah blah.
They are indeed very powerful means of communication.

And you got to be blogging to understand that.

Thanks alot for reading, linking and commenting on my posts.



1. MadhoO - July 22, 2006

Congrats! You deserve it by any means.

2. mohit pawar - July 22, 2006

Cool ……… keep it up buddy!

3. uday garikapati - July 22, 2006

Congrats !!

4. nicky - July 22, 2006

all boys are sexy like my x jordan curry

5. nicky - July 22, 2006

all boys

6. nicky - July 22, 2006

all boys are sexy like my x jordan curry fay newmains i love him hunners

7. rajAT - July 22, 2006

Thanks Guys 🙂 !!

8. doubt - July 22, 2006

i have a doubt. what is that you do in this blog. i thought you just scour for articles in the web and put them here. if that is the case, does technorati rate only such blogs? else, i am mistaken. my bad.

9. rajAT - July 22, 2006

Well if you have read my blog you would know wot I do in this blog.
Technorati rates all the blogs that ping technorati.

10. rakesh - July 24, 2006


11. sanyam - August 22, 2006

i guess you need a pointer on how to turn the spam filter on 😉


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