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Blogger jailed by US federal court August 2, 2006

Posted by rajAT in blog, bloggers, jail, josh wolf.

The New York Times reports today what may be the first case of a blogger jailed by a US federal court for not handing over sources or source materials for a story – a case that will raise no end of questions about the rights, responsibilities, and protections of citizens acting as journalists.

Josh Wolf, a 24-year-old blogger and freelancer, had shot video of a San Francisco protest over the 2005 meeting of the G8 in Scotland. Violence ensued, a police officer’s skull was fractured, and authorities say a smoke bomb or firework was put under a police car. Wolf sold some of his video to local TV stations and put more up on his blog. Prosecutors demanded that Wolf testify before a grand jury and hand over everything he shot. Wolf refused and, yesterday, a federal judge found him in contempt and sent him to prison, where he could stay until the grand jury’s term expires next summer. Soon after, a post appeared on his blog asking for donations, thoughts, and prayers under the headline, “Josh is in jail and this is his mom”.

[Via Buzzmachine]



1. Ben Tremblay - August 5, 2006

Good to see that the word’s getting out … many grains of sand make a mighty dune!

Just to make it clearly known: Josh started a blog for updates at http://joshwolf.net/blog/ and we’re collecting news stories on his wiki at http://freejosh.pbwiki.com/


2. Ben Tremblay - August 5, 2006

p.s. I remember in the early days some of us were pressing hard to get an Indymedia setup in India. Did that come to pass?

namaste / salaam

3. rajAT - August 5, 2006

hi ben, thx for links. will check them out.

i am nt aware of indymedia here. but would love to know abt it.


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