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BlogCamp.in September 8, 2006

Posted by rajAT in blog, bloggers, india, indiablogcamp.


I will be camping at BlogCamp this weekend. πŸ™‚

Conversations that will keep people chatty at the camp are –

  • Blogging and Governance – How blogs are being used to provide assistance during times of crisis, uncovering potential crimes, activities, taking on the government, etc.
  • Blogging and Entrepreneurship – Many professionals are using blogs to change their world. Here we talk about how blogging can work towards career development and related areas.
  • Corporate Blogging – Many corporates have started blogging, taking them closer to customers. Here, you could share your stories on why you are incorporating blogs in your products and media strategies.
  • Getting Geeky – The Art and Science of Blogging, how to go about it, tips and tricks of trade and taking blogging to the next level.
  • Blogging as New Media – As blogging goes mainstream, it complements journalism. Here we talk about why traditional media should care about blogging as a form of citizen journalism.
  • Blogging as a Hobby – How blogs help you in showcasing your talents and skills, in sharing your deep thoughts.
  • Blogging and Community – As a tool for action, collective or distributed, as a binding force, as a way for individuals to contribute, and to get back something

There is beach party planned on Saturday night. An evening on the lawns, a bonfire, booze, music, swimming pool, good food. Place is a minute’s walk from the beach. We will be crashing the night at the beach house and will be camping out in the lawns. Looking forward for it the most :D.

Going by spicejet πŸ™‚ to make the whole experience spicy. πŸ™‚



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