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How blogging has changed our World ! September 9, 2006

Posted by rajAT in blogcamp, blogcampindia, indiablogcamp.

Lots of participants shared their experiences about ‘How blogging has changed their world‘. Well we keep on hearing that blogging will change people life and things are going to be different in the “We Media” world. But I really couldnt find any story from the audiences that was inspiring or mind boggling. If this new publishing platform is going to define way things will be done in 2.0 world. Then there should have been one true outstanding experience of “How blogging has changed our world”, but sadly there was none. Do note that we have most of the ace indian bloggers in this room.

Most of the anecdotes were routine that how domestic relationships got changed, some people getting threat calls, some people blogged about a banks bad service and how they got them on knees etc. I only find Mohit’s experience of blogging really kewl. He is a scorpion so he doesn’t generally share lots of his personal things with his friends while chatting with them (But I dont think so 🙂 ) . And they will always remain inside him. Guy got lots of knots in his stomach. But by blogging he was able to share lots of things which were inside him and untied those knots for ever. So blogging gave him a platform where he can be himself and share his things. Even guy needs outlets yaar ! Its not only girls forte.

For me because of blogging I have become a ‘beliver’ that sometimes things do come easy in life. I didn’t share my experience in the conference I thought I will blog them :). Normally we hear stories that they have won a lottery, or they put up a google adsense and money is pouring in like hell and stuff like that. Where in you got outstanding results by a little effort.

After lot of thinking I started blogging on my 2006 birthday. In one month I got an email from Pearson education that do you freelance. I was like what the hell and said, “Yessss”. I freelanced for them and got paid also in USD. Awesome !!
There are couple of other experiences also and that really made me think that sometimes sweet things do come in short notices :D.

Dream On !!



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