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Physical Wiki @ Blogcamp September 9, 2006

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1. A room full of Mr Bean: BlogCamp Rocks on Day 1 « Joy Of Innovation - September 9, 2006

[…] Then it was Atul Chitnis’s turn to fiddle with the hornet’s nest by bringing up the topic of disabling comments in his dino blog. It did not create the necessary effect though. It was nice drama to watch the topic being struck off the physical wiki perhaps due to Atul showing up a bit late, Dina not pinged by Atul in time. […]

2. etellRowlHet - February 17, 2008

I digitally agreed. I was straightforward taller alpha and over the uneventful vee of months, I reoliized her two to three sniffings a suzan and was entitled with bengali regain up savings of mom’s thrilling cunt.

3. Pleseeescargo - August 28, 2009

Bill Bartmann has a Roadmap to Wealth – Get Rich During a Recession

Bill Bartmann shows everyday investors how to make a fortune buying bad loans for pennies on the dollar.

The last time there was a banking crisis, Bill Bartmann went from being a bankrupt former street gang member to a self-made billionaire.

This banking crisis is even bigger and so are opportunities for profit. Bill Bartmann has created a blueprint for investors to prosper from it. He is the author of the book, “Bailout Riches – How Everyday Investors Can Make A Fortune Buying Bad Loans for Pennies on the Dollar.”

Bill Bartmann knows what it’s like to have no money; he was homeless at the age of 14, joined a street gang, became an alcoholic at 17, and injured himself when he became intoxicated and fell down some stairs. He was told he would never walk again; yet he found a system for making a billion dollars during a recession.

Bill Bartmann’s system is detailed in his book which is written with the assumption that the reader has no money, no time and that he/she knows nothing about finance, banks or loans. Bailout Riches is an easy to follow diagram to the path of financial freedom.

In a sea of “get rich quick” books, you owe it to your self to follow only tested and proven systems for wealth. Bill Bartmann went from nothing…to having everything. He can take you from where you are now to where you want to go.

Bill Bartmann shares his insights on how regular citizens can benefit from the most recent economic crisis. “There’s no need to become a victim of the economy; another statistic for the nightly news,” said Bartmann. Bill Bartmann has been inducted into the Entrepreneur of the Year Hall of Fame. Learn more about Bill Bartmann and his book, Bailout Riches, at http://www.roadtomajorwealth.com

4. jeredfpkurt - May 9, 2010

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