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Blog as a personal history recorder September 10, 2006

Posted by rajAT in blogcamp, blogcampindia, indiablogcamp.

Chennaist said a nice point of blog as a personal history recorder i.e. your grand children reading your blog. How cool it would be for them to see the blog of their grand pa. I myself have thought about it before I started blogging and some affects of it. But then it got so complicated that I left it there and got to blogging. :). My future generations will figure it out on their own what to do with what all shit their grand pa has written.

How big a nut he was !! 🙂 🙂
But just think out loud it is a real powerful medium. We always hear of cases where sometimes people have lost a hang of their family tress and then they go out to search their forefathers. Or how they were living in those times. Have you ever thought how your parents or grand parents have spent their time in youth or childhood etc. But now if you are blogging your future generations will have some sense of how things were in those times.

When I was working in US a jew girl who was working with me there once told me that she will be going to Israel sometime to see how her fore fathers were living. And she wants to see her ancestoral house. But now we put pictures of our abodes on our blogs. And it is a timeless picture which can be accessed by anybody anytime.

Priceless !!



1. karanmaroo - September 10, 2006

yeah.. that’s a nice point u av brought 2 our notice! It cud b a tad embarassing sometimes, though

2. Jai Shankar - September 11, 2006

Yes Rajat, rightly said most westerners boast of a family lineage that goes back to atleast 5 generations back and Isrealis in particular are more serious about their ancesteral lineage.
Sadly we dont keep track of that the max we know (most people i speak) is upto the level of great grandfather.
It doesn’t matter if iam a Nuts or not to my great great grandson. All matters is we preserve the history.

3. --Sunrise-- - September 12, 2006

… an interesting way of looking at a blog! i myself see MY blog as a photograph of my thoughts at a particular point in time…

4. Cemeramourf - February 25, 2008

I am necessary wish to find

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