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Should political leaders blog? September 15, 2006

Posted by rajAT in blogcamp, blogcampindia, india, indiablogcamp, political blogging.

That was the question that Veena was trying to ask the audience.

People were having various opinions.

Well I think they should blog.

Indian demographics are going to change increasingly over the next 5 years. We are going to have 60% of young people. Most of these young people will be working out of home. People like me.

Now I dont have any first hand information what the MPs and MLAs are doing in my constituency. How junta is reacting to their policies ? What are the views of opposition parties. So whenever there are general elections in my town, I end up asking my dad whom you want me to vote. As I dont know anybody who is standing in the elections. Its been 8 years now that I am living out of my home.

BJP did use sms to reach the younger audience. But that was broadcasting of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. “Main aapka pradhanmantri bol raha hoon“. It failed because they were not able to enage aam aadmi in a conversation.

So if these guys will start blogging and will encourage participation over their blog that will really be helpful for guys like me to make an informed decision :).

Please note that in recent times the difference between the winner and loser in elections has really thinned down. So now every vote counts.

I hope someone is listening.



1. Sunil - September 18, 2006

Well Rajat, if bloggers make their voices heard on political issues, I’m sure the politicians would like to respond.

Bloggers’ stories are bound to picked up by the mainstream media and this would also force a response.

2. rajAT - September 18, 2006

Participation by mainstream is not the motive here. But blogging as a tool to increase the awareness among the people about the policies advoated by a political party.
IF the stress will be laid that our each blog story should become a mainstream one then we lose the spirit of blogging and will always be on a look out for sensational stuff. 🙂

3. kathryn - September 18, 2006

hi wuu2

4. veena - September 25, 2006

cool i am happy you guys are suporting me.. and that too discussions shaping in a positive way.. I am not a hard core blogger but I am of this opinion that politicians should try their hand in blogging.. I don’t think it ll take time for others to know abt this.. And once the public is aware that a politician is blogging abt vital issues that infects our society he is sure to receive the max hits. With time his support will only increase.. As rajat said, every vote counts and the one who votes these days are far sensible than the ones before..


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