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Track your expenses the Buxfer way !! November 19, 2006

Posted by rajAT in buxfer, startup, venture capital, web2.0.

Last week I had a chat with Amit Manjhi the guy behind payments website called Buxfer.com. Other 2 co-founders are Ashwin and Shashank. All 3 are doing their phd at Carnegie Mellon.

Amit told me that Buxfer started more from the their own need. It was difficult keeping track of the group expenses. So the more enterprising guy Ashwin created a script to track their money. It was really useful and loads of people asked them to share it with them also. That is when they saw the apple falling created Buxfer.

We started talking about the various other things and quickly find out some common friends. So very Indian :D. Aur phir dilli ki baatein shuru ho gayi jo kabhi khatam na hon :D. It was real fun.

Its real nice to see people doing innovative things to make our lives simpler. Keep up the good work guys. 🙂



1. sumanth - November 20, 2006

Looks good .. Sounds good. Next Google? 😀

2. kopos - November 20, 2006

how different is buxfer from billmonk? buxfer seems to be doing the same as billmonk, even the facebook integration included?!

3. Amit Manjhi - November 20, 2006

I am one of the Buxfer developers. Imo, Buxfer has the following advantages over Billmonk:
a) A more intuitive and user-friendly interface, for adding and viewing transactions.
b) Ability to create “groups” — users who you hang out with regularly like apartment mates or lunch groups — and automatic settlement within groups. Buxfer groups reduce exchanges of money because each member of the group pays sometime, and effectively after a few transactions, it all cancels out.
Plus, you just have to track your “group balance”, and not your balance with each member of the group.
c) Ability to track personal expenses. For example, I can track how much money I have spent at restaurants in the last month.
I urge you to take a look at Buxfer (https://www.buxfer.com) and see for yourself how different it is from Billmonk. 🙂
Amit Manjhi

4. kopos - November 20, 2006

Thanks for the very prompt response. yeah groups is a very very important aspect that i do think is necessary. so let me see if i can get more… hey, whats your personal id so that i can get to you?

do you want me to touch base at manjhi [AT] cs [DOT] cmu [DOT] edu?

5. Jen - November 20, 2006

Great tool! It is nice to see that you are willing to share.

6. Amit Manjhi - November 21, 2006


Sure. I’ll be happy to hear more from you at the above email address.


7. David gigolashvili. - November 26, 2006

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8. zerocaffe.in » Blog Archive » Uncaffeinated Desktop Discussions 1: Buxfer - December 5, 2006

[…] I had had a personal interest in understanding the dynamics of social money in some personal posts of mine. Recently on Rajat’s blog I had the chance to meet up with Amit, one of the cofounders of Buxfer. The meetup coincided with our plan to get entrepreneurs to talk about their products… from a more critiquing PoV.So here’s the first edition of Uncaffeinated Desktop Discussions with Buxfer. I have used it and personally felt the UI feel polished compared to BillMonk. Q. Can you tell us a bit about your team? More specifically, each of your roles and responsibilities and what all each of you are accountable for? […]

9. labsji - December 11, 2006

Be it BillMonk or Buxfer, it is indeed tracking the small expenses that will give insights to your spending habits. This insight is very essential for wealth creation, wealth multiplication. More than the tool, it is the willingness to track expenses that is a major stumbling block. Getting the willingness takes a lot of disciplin and habit engineering.

NrichSoft.in has expense tracking product for non tech oriented types. I’v learnt that much while helping NrichSoft.

Disclosure: I’m a consultant for NrichSoft.in


10. Badri - December 26, 2006

Thanks to google, i got to know about this post wherein Balaji has made a mention of our Personal Finance software called ‘Enrich’. Surprisingly, ‘Enrich’ also owes its origin to our own needs. we initially started with an excel-based product called ‘XpnsTrak’ and gradually evolved into ‘Enrich’. At this point of time, it is more oriented towards the requirements of an Indian family and helps track not only the expenses but also the incomes of different family members.

Its really nice to know that people are showing interest in managing their own money, regardless of what station of life they are in and where they are geographically.

wishing buxfer and billmonk and similar tribes great success!

11. blog of non-root user Nishit » Buxfer - December 31, 2006

[…] Came across Buxfer in Rajat’s Blog and have been using it since then to track my personal expenses and it has done its job pretty well. Buxfer is short for ‘BUcks transFER’ created by 3 former IITians doing their PhD at Carnegie Mellon. And as they say necessity is the mother of all inventions, they needed some way to track their expenses while eating out with a bunch of guys. As scraps of papers and their memories were not enough to keep track of it, they came up with a small script and then they shared it on the web and the rest as they say is A New Dot Com on the Web […]

12. karan the detective - March 4, 2007

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13. Lot of action at Buxfer « Dream On ! - March 28, 2007

[…] March 28, 2007 Posted by rajAT in buxfer. trackback I have blogged about Buxfer guys earlier. And the guys are surely rocking. If you remember it is a startup by 3 Phd students of Carnegie […]

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