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IAMAI E business summit December 6, 2006

Posted by rajAT in iamai, india, internet.

Internet and Mobile Association of India organised e-Business Summit 2006 in Mumbai on 30th November. The event was attended by the captains of indian internet and mobile industry. I went there to get a pulse of them as in what directions these guys are thinking.

I dont expect them to share their next billion dollar idea ( do they have one ? ) in an open forum like this. But if any company is working on the next big revolutionary idea they will talk about it cryptically atleast. Everyone likes to brag a little, isn’t it. 🙂

The flavour of the day was YouTube. I can hear whispers of word YouTube in every corner after every 10 minutes. Some one or the other will utter this word and with such supreme confidence that he is a master of this new game and he totally understand how the value gets created at YouTube. As I am nt able to understand the price tag of $1.65 billion myself. I asked the more enlightened ones. And I got the answer – Video rocks man. That is the future. Do you really want me to write all crap here :).

I caught some investors from valley who were also present there. I asked them how do they compare this event with the big events in valley. What is there impression about the captaions of indian internet industry. The guy looked at me and said this event is BULLSHIT. And then he started talking about O’reilly event and that you attain nirvana when you listen to people over there. Thats exactly what he said. I am not garnishing the words :D.

All in all a great effort by IAMAI. Atleast it brings the internet industry in India under one roof. More coverage of the event can be read here.

Couple of suggestion to them.

They should have a venture show case for us young entrepreneurs so that young entrepreneurs like me can show our stuff to big boys.

There should be a session where really innovative ideas are presented and discussed not the usual commoditized crap that was discussed.

Hope someone is listening.



1. puneeth - December 6, 2006

Hi Rajat,

Have you heard about Proto.in? If you haven’t, then check it out http://www.proto.in . Just in case if you wanna demo your product, this might just be the place you would want to use as a jumping board.

All the best.


2. rajAT - December 6, 2006

Hi Puneeth,

Thanks for the info. I know about Proto and might attend it.


3. chakshu - December 6, 2006


This is regarding “I dont expect them to share their next billion dollar idea ( do they have one ? ) in an open forum like this. But if any company is working on the next big revolutionary idea they will talk about it cryptically atleast.”.

Since such ideas can be next billion dollar idea (you never know), you need to be little cautious regarding the IP right associated with that. Infact a recent post (by me) at http://www.techpackersblog.com can give you a rough idea about this.

Anyways, keep blogging, I love reading your blog.

4. rajAT - December 8, 2006

Thanks chakshu for the comment.
Typically ideas are not so lame that if you jst talk abt them they get picked. And with the kind of muscle these guys have. It is not easy for the ideas to get copied.

Will try to catch up with you when next in delhi.


5. Mackelroy - December 29, 2006

Hey Rajat,

Enjoyed reading your notes (just posted my comments on IRCTC woes). But coming to the IAMAI; had attended one such “the big Indian Internet domain” session myself in Delhi.

I wonder why no one (the apparent biggies) talks about or drives for something that is a home-grown innovation, rather then thumping on about how big each one has become (with a not-at-all original idea). Though it’s nice to listen to their successes in the overall scenario (and well, grant them that) they don’t seem to think it’s important to get the basics right. Whether it’s user experience, making tasks simpler, enhancing the value of what’s being offered, it’s all neglected with a dedicated intention.

Wouldn’t you think that – at least when you are NOT doing anything new – you’d pay sufficient attention to making sure that what’s being offered is “somewhat good”?

It seems like a pathetic attitude of; “since there’s no one else, customers have no choice BUT come to me.
Let me enjoy that while it lasts”.

On another note; the BIG3 in the US, Google, MS and yahoo! have come together to resolve an issue that marketer’s might potentially come up with; “What constitutes a page view” (given that the AJAX technology nullifies the concept of ‘paying as per page views’). Here’s a case where the online media comes together under an industry body to understand real issues and do something constructive. We, on the other hand, get to see chest-thumping at every commercialised event, grand theories being proposed and then its gets right back to the dog-eat-dog game.

In India, we have known of the biggies touting fig’s in gross exaggeration and not one industry body being able to verify that!

I wonder why constructive efforts (under the aegies of a representative industry body) at identifying and making impactful changes that benefit users, marketers and frankly, themeselves are never made.

6. Krit Chumthaworn - August 12, 2008

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