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Blogs are effective February 1, 2007

Posted by rajAT in Uncategorized.

Well I am not going to suck up the whole web 2.0 thing again. Just sharing up a personal experience. Couple of months back I booked a ticket on Cleartrip. I canceled it because of change in my plan. I am always bad in planning my trips. So I cancelled the ticket with cleartrip. Refunding money takes 30 days for them.  I think they should collect money also then after 30 days :). As expected no money came my way after 30 days. My mails to their customer care dept. were not answered and their customer support telephone line is always jammed. So yesterday on their website I was looking for anyother means of communication. And I discovered they have a blog. The blog is quite open and has posted negative feedback from customers on the website.

So today I commented on one of their post and cited my case no. Withing 4 hours I got a mail from their dept that money will be deposited in my account in 48 hours. So somethings do work in this world. And that is blog. 🙂



1. Hrush - February 2, 2007

Yes, blogs sometimes DO work. 😉

I’m glad we sorted out your problem.


2. Karan - February 2, 2007

Thats awesome 🙂

3. Himank - February 2, 2007

Good to hear that….i read someone else’s blog too.. who wrote abt one of his experience in his blog and and a person from the concerned company read his blog and contacted him.. he had some problem with jet airways i guess..

4. Hyderabadiz - February 5, 2007

Hello Hyderabadi Blogger:
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Hope do you will do your best to achieve this goal.

5. Hyderabadiz - February 5, 2007

There is some bug here. I posted my comment five times, and each time I see the browser going blank………..

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