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Lot of action at Buxfer March 28, 2007

Posted by rajAT in buxfer.

I have blogged about Buxfer guys earlier. And the guys are surely rocking. If you remember it is a startup by 3 Phd students of Carnegie Mellon University. Now they all have taken leave of absence from their phds and have gone full time. I had a chat with the founder Amit and asked how hard it was to take a break from phd and plunging full time into Buxfer. He replied –

Taking a break from the Ph.D. program was a tough decision because all three of us were doing well in our Ph.D.s. It was particularly tough for Ashwin and myself, because the two of us, each having already spent over five and a half years, were just a few months away from finishing our Ph.D’s. So by taking a leave of absence, we took a big risk. But then, if we did not take a risk, we would not be entrepreneurs :-).

We arrived at the decision primarily because we felt that Buxfer was solving a real need and could grow rapidly, if we worked on it full-time. We already had a lot of momentum behind us. We were getting a lot of users, thanks to an Associate Press article, versions of which were reproduced at over 100 newspapers in the US and around the world. We felt this momentum would be hard to regenerate later. Plus,YCombinator was another important factor in our decision. Finally, it was getting extremely difficult to simultaneously work on both the] Ph.D. and Buxfer, because each one is a 24/7 job in itself.

And so we took the plunge. In retrospect, we took a good decision. Since working full-time on Buxfer, things have been moving rapidly — both in terms of adding new features, and in terms of getting users to actually use the site.

Way to go guys. Over the past 3 months they have added quite a lot features on their website. They have come up with complete expense management tool — not only can you see who owes you money, but you can also see where you spent your money in a nice google-finance style widget.

Btw the acquisition of BillMonk has just heated this space of money management. 🙂
All the best guys.



1. sunstar - April 3, 2007

hi this is sunstar!!! and i m from cali!

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