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Wanna be on the cover page of WIRED !! April 3, 2007

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Yep its correct. In the age when all the brands are going ga-ga over consumer generated ads. WIRED has gone a step further they are offering customize cover pages to its subscribers. Well the basis is that all consumer generated ads don’t have to be video. It can be in the form of other media also.

“Inspired by WIRED Magazine’s July cover story on the future of personalization, WIRED Buy Viagra Media is executing its first integrated marketing program by collaborating with long time advertising partner Xerox Corporation to offer subscribers the opportunity to put their own photo on the cover of WIRED.

The program will be announced in the April issue of WIRED and promoted on WIRED.com starting Friday, March 23. Magazine subscribers will be encouraged to Cheap Tramadol go online and upload a 4×6 inch photo. The first 5,000 WIRED subscribers to participate will receive in the mail the July issue of the magazine with their image on the cover.”

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