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Spear and Cellphone June 29, 2007

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African warriors got a new spear in the form of cellphone. Not much has changed in Africa. People still are herding goats and corws and live in stick huts with electricity and running water. They still wore red clothes which are more or less blankets. But now they have a new weapon a Nokia cell phone. And thts most expensive possession they got. Its a black and white text screeen phone which is good for voice and sms service. A watch is a luxry for them but they are ok with spending money on a cellphone.

They don’t yet have ring tones, games , video, etc on their cell phone. What kid of ringtones will be popular there. Maybe jungle tones. :D.

God Bless Africa !!!

Indian coins are getting smuggled June 28, 2007

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Millions of Indian coins are being smuggled into neighbouring Bangladesh and turned into razor blades. And that’s creating an acute shortage of coins in many parts of India.

Police in Calcutta say that the recent arrest of a grocer highlights the extent of the problem. They seized what they said was a huge coin-melting unit which he was operating in a run-down shack.

The grocer confessed to melting down tens of thousands of Indian coins into razor blades which were then smuggled into Bangladesh.

“Our one rupee coin is in fact worth 35 rupees, because five to seven bladed can be made out of it,” .

LG Unveils Google Phone For Europe June 26, 2007

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Google Phone, The Iphone Killer?The Google phone will be hitting European markets this week and will be priced between $300 and $400.
“LG Electronics, the world’s fifth-largest cell phone maker, unveiled a new model Wednesday, which offers the full services of Google, the global No. 1 search engine.”
LG said the handset, dubbed LG-KU580, will hit European markets including Italy and France this week with a price tag of somewhere between $300 and $400.
* Simlar sleek design to LG “chocolate phone”
* $300 – $400
* Google search hot key
* first time all 3 google major applications, search, email and maps,
incorporated into phone
* MP3 player
* 2 megapixel camera
* Video phone
* Bluetooth

iPhone – iLaunch – iJune 29th June 4, 2007

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Apple iphone is getting shipped on 29th June. Yayyy !! Now after all the yayys and yoos lets get back to some hard talk. Apple is riding high on the success of ipod success. Suddenly its hogging limelight everywhere. But food for thought here is – Will Apple be able to capture the market with iphone, surely it has captured the imagination of people with it.

When ipod was launched. It was a virgin market, begging to get plundered. I am not aware of any great mp3 players from big electronics players that were marketed and packaged like ipod. So ipod cashed on its FMA. It was a cool product and Apple was also able to deliver ipod upgrades which were again lapped up by people. Besides there was iTunes. I don’t want to get started here on microchunking of the content. Blah! Blah !!

Back to cellphones. Today Motorola which invented cellphone reports quarterly losses. What’s going on here !!. Tomi Ahonen a veteran has asked some tough questions. Apple will end up delivering on its 10 million target, but only barely, and in so doing, it will take a huge hit to its profitability – this is a damned hard market to be in. The world’s largest engineering company, Siemens, quit handsets. Europe’s largest home electronics giant, Philips, quit handsets. The world’s largest telecom’s maker Ericsson found it can’t continue in the handset business by itself. The world’s largest home electronics giant Sony also found it can’t sustain its handset business by itself and joined with Ericsson.

And now Apple is rushing in. I don’t doubt their ability to do cool and innovative products, but this is a bloodbath industry and it moves at vastly higher speeds than Apple has ever seen in the Mac/PC or iPod business.

Its not going to be an easy JOB Mr. Steve. 


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360 million dollars not enough for Amp’d June 3, 2007

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Yep. Amp’d which has raised $360 million in venture capital has filled for bankruptcy. Sounds weird isn’t it. There debt was much larger than their assets and it was the sensible thing to do.

Now this development raises some questions on the business model of MVNO. As this is not the first high profile MVNO who has bitten dust. We all remember Cool.Prepaid and ESPN mobile. Helio which is still braving in the middle, all eyes are on it as how long the party will continue.

There were some stories earlier that Apple is coming up with its own MVNO. There was lots of hoopla around Disney mobile which never saw the light of the day. The main arguments that is used is if Virgin Mobile in UK is successful why can’t others be. Well ! Well !! Virgin mobile has given part of action i.e. equity to its operators. So they will make sure that its never out of business.

Sure you can lease capacity on a carrier’s network, set-up shop and market the hell out of your MVNO, but in the end you are beholden to the carrier. Where have we heard this before? In the wired phone business of course! before some dude came-up with the term MVNO, there were hundreds of resellers who would buy wholesale and sell retail. They had razor thin margins and their existence depended on the largesse of the large phone companies. MVNOs are exactly the same, and are very dependent on the carriers that own the spectrum.

So lets wait to see how this market plays out…..


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