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Geeks are new Super Cops July 28, 2007

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n not so distant future, geeks will moonlight for Punjab police as cyber crime fighters in the virtual world.
Disguised as friendly-neighbourhood-chatters, these nerds will take regular trips of the virtual world, searching for the cyber thugs, stalkers, criminals and paedophiles, and inform their police bosses when they hook a fish.

Besides scanning the virtual realms, these geeks-turned-police agents will also enter the chatrooms where paedophiles hang out and bust paedophilia rings.
Sounds too futuristic? Well, not at least for Punjab police that knows well that cyber crime is here and virtual criminals are here to stay.

Although crime in the virtual world, as far as Punjab is concerned, is almost non-existent, the police department keeping not so distant a future filled with cyber rogues in mind has made a list of proposals to tackle it effectively.

Apart from the setting up of a cyber cell, the panel has proposed to outsource nerds to do the job as “it is probably easier to train technology experts to become investigators, than vice-versa.”

And to do the job and do it well, the department will outsource computer experts, who besides acting as police agents, will also train cops who can’t tell a laptop from a PC.

ADGP (computer and telecommunication) SM Sharma said it was important to hire computer experts for the cyber cell who necessarily don’t have to be cops.
He said crime analysts would also be hired for doing a lot of IT related research work required for investigations and expert support from the outsource agencies could also be taken.

As per the proposal, the cell will be headed by SP (cyber crime) and will have ASP (cyber crime), DSP (pornography), DSP (hackers) among other officers for assistance.

But as one senior officer said, “Geeks will be the masters and act as the real super cops in the virtual world.


Amp’d is dead .. July 23, 2007

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I have blogged earlier about amp’d the high profile MVNO which will shut off its services this week. Ironically Amp’d launched a campaign “Try not to die, as Amp’d mobile is coming. Now Amp’d is dead itself.

There are lot of lessons to learn from Amp’d mobile story. That post is for someother day. 😀

Walled gardens might open up in US July 14, 2007

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You buy a cell phone, load any software you want on it, then choose your carrier. This vision of expanded consumer choices in the wireless world might be a little closer today than it has ever been, especially with reports that the chair of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is circulating an “open platform” proposal for the upcoming auction of the 700-MHz band.

FCC Chair Kevin Martin said that “whoever wins this spectrum” will have to provide a “truly open broadband network — one that will open the door to a lot of innovative services to the consumer.”

He said an open network would mean a consumer could “use any wireless device and download any mobile broadband application, with no restrictions,” except for illegal or malicious software. Martin has sent or is about to send a draft proposal to his fellow commissioners.

Martin noted that, in some other countries, consumers usually take their unlocked devices with them when they change carriers, as opposed to in the U.S., where cell phones typically are locked for use only on a given carrier’s network.

Writing Tuesday on its public policy blog, Google Telecom and Media Counsel Richard Whitt applauded the reports of Martin’s proposal. Whitt, hired by Google a few months ago, formerly headed up MCI’s regulatory department.

Google, which said it has not decided whether it will participate in the auction, sent a letter to the FCC on Monday, according to Whitt, urging that winning bidders be required to adopt several types of “open platforms.”

A key part of open platforms, Google contends, is that consumers would be able to use any combination of devices, software applications, content, or services. In addition, the company maintains, resellers should be able “to acquire wireless services from a 700-MHz licensee on a wholesale basis,” and ISPs should be able to interconnect “at a technically feasible point” to a 700-MHz licensee’s wireless network.

However, Current Analysis analyst Bill Ho identified potential issues with these ideas, notingthat interconnection and the use of any device could require some uniform or encompassing technological standards, rather than the competing standards that now exist.

Gearing Up for Epic Sale

The auction for bandwidth, scheduled for later this year, is gearing up to be epic. The sale will include spectrum in the 700-MHz band that has been used for analog television since the beginning of that medium, as U.S. TV is going completely digital by mid-2009.

The 700-MHz spectrum is particularly valuable because it penetrates walls and various obstacles more effectively than other frequencies, and the FCC is now developing the rules for the auction.

A 108-MHz block of bandwidth will become available after the analog TV stations complete their transition. Of that 108 MHz, 60 MHz will be auctioned in January 2008, public safety officials will receive 24 MHz, and 24 MHz already has been sold.

Estimates indicate that the auction could yield $20 to $30 billion for the government

Mother of Portable Sound July 4, 2007

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The mother of portable sound.
Sony Walkman

Amazing iPhone July 4, 2007

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