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Mobile Phone Throwing August 30, 2006

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Mobile phone throwing is an international sport that started in Finland in the year 2000. It is a throwing sport that is judged by distance or technique.

There are usually four categories in the sport:

* Original (also called ‘Traditional’): an over-the-shoulder throw with the farthest distance winning (best of 3)
* Freestyle: contestants get points for aesthetics and creative choreographics
* Team original: up to three competitors have one throw each with their scores added together
* Junior: for children aged 12 or younger

The phones used vary not just between events but between competitors, with any phone that weighs over 220 grams being acceptable.At some events the choice is down to personal preference from those provided by the event organisers, while others provide only one model of phone.

World and national championships

The Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships have been held annually since 2000 in Savonlinna, Finland. The first national competition was held in Trondheim, Norway in June 2004, with several other countries across Europe also staging their own events. The first winter championships were held in Stoos, Switzerland in February 2005. Commonly, the prize for first place in a national event is entry to the world championships, and the grand prize for winning the world championship is a new mobile phone. Many events are supported by mobile phone recycling organisations and promote the recycling of the phones.

In the UK the championships are held every August at Tooting Bec Athletics Track in London and organised by 8th Day UK and ActionAid Recycling.


The current records (as of August 2006) are:

* Men’s world record – 94.97 metres (311.6 ft)
* Women’s world record – 53.52 metres (175.6 ft)


MP3 Toilet August 21, 2006

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Japanese toilets are something very special. Everything is raised automatically, the seat is heated and there’s even a small Karcher at 180bar (ok, maybe not 180, but it’s powerful) for the more intimate parts. And now there is an SD slot and an MP3 player!!! Fear not, it’s not integrated into the seat but rather in the control system/computer of the toilet that is situated on the wall! Nice one Toto (the Japanese manufacturer)!
Now it’s up to you to play crap music in the toilet!

Japnese are really .. Now what shall I say 🙂

Bollywood preaching Osho August 12, 2006

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Hiren Shah has found out quite a few parallels btw Salaam Namaste , Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna and Osho philosphy. Osho is all for pre – marital and extra marital affairs. Osho says ,generally “People go on living in misery thinking that, “Next life I will find another woman — or another husband — but this life nothing can be done. It is better to accept.” So people remain somehow satisfied, whatsoever the situation is, and they call it contentment — it is only consolation. And they have rationalized all these ugly things in many ways.”

Solution no 1- Pre-marital relationships as a gauge of compatibility– This was shown very well in the movie “Salaam Namaste”:-

“Now this is so illogical. Unless a man or a woman has lived in many pre-marital relationships there is no possibility of choosing a right partner. This is such a simple phenomenan! Unless you have experienced many women and men in your life, how can you choose who is going to be the right person to live with? But they don’t allow any pre-marital relationships, so people start falling in love at first sight — which is nonsense. Then, of course, the same people say love is blind. First they throw acid in your eyes and then they say love is blind! You see the strategy? Don’t allow boys and girls to meet and mingle with each other so that they can experience many people before they decide — don’t allow them. Suffocate their sexual energy!

Pre-marital relationship is a very scientific phenomenon. It has to be allowed, it has to become part of human rights.Tomorrow you may find a far more beautiful woman, a far more beautiful man, then your intelligence will say that it is better to choose. Then why go on being tortured by your past? Remain free for the future, open to the future. So I say only for a longer period, when you decide.

When you have enjoyed many relationships you will be able to choose, you will be able to judge what kind of woman or man suits you, what kind of woman or man is a nourishment.

I am all for pre-marital relationships. Without them man will remain insane.”

Soltuion no 2- Extra marital relationships. Show in the movie “Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna“.
Extra-marital relationships help marriage, they don’t destroy it. It is always good to have a little change, just at the weekend. It does not harm at all. That idea — that if a man starts having a little love affair with some woman other than his wife it will destroy the marriage — is absolutely wrong. It will help, it will renew the relationship, because one gets tired. Man is, after all, human. Don’t ask impossible things! One gets tired — the same woman, the same man. One loses all taste.

If you have to eat the same food every day, like I do, you will get fed up.

Once in a while just a little taste of a new woman, a new man revives your interest in the old woman and the old man. You start thinking, “After all, she is not so bad.” A little change is always good.

I am not against extra-marital relationships. The people who are against them are really teaching you possessiveness in an indirect way.

When I say I am not against extra-marital relationships I am teaching you non-possessiveness.

If a man is tired of the same woman — the same contours, the same geography, the same topography — once in a while a little bit different geography, a little bit different landscape…and he comes home again interested in exploring the old map. It gives a break — a coffee break. And after each coffee break you can again get involved in the same work, the same files, and you open them and you start working…. The coffee break helps you.

If people want to live together in a deep intimacy, they should not be possessive. They should allow freedom. And that’s what extra-marital relationship is: freedom. But people are very strange.”

Salaam Namaste was all about pre-martial exploration and Kabhi alvida na Kehna is about extra marital exploration. Osho or for that matter his great contemporary Krishnamurthy were men too ahead of their times and many of their teachings went unimplemented during their lifetimes.

If only our elders can understand all this :). Btw brilliant work Hiren.

Have you got a girlfriend? July 21, 2006

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Microsoft’s Latest Acquisition July 19, 2006

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Sound Reactive Tees July 11, 2006

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The t-qualizer is a t-shirt with a built in graphic equalizer panel that is sound sensitive. as the music beats, the shirts equalizer lights up to the beat of the music. each frequency of music will activate a different equalizer bar, just like a normal equalizer.

A shirt displaying the environmental noise level as a vertical 5 step equalizer bar with LED lights. the electronics & microphone are casted in plastic to make them washable & flexible. in addition, a special clothes hanger was developed for wirelessly recharging the shirt.

[Via Infoesthetics]

Football mania gripped Sadhus June 22, 2006

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Hindu ascetics play soccer on the banks of the River Ganges in Allahabad.

Who says we are only a cricket crazy nation.

We should put a team of these guys. Look at their footwork man :).



Via Associated Press.

Stunning Nikon June 15, 2006

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Till now the question on everybodys mind was how all the social networking sites (Flickr, Del.icio.us, Myspace etc) can be monetized. All big pundits were saying that these alli2m_nikonstunning.jpg are yet another fad and were sidelining them big time.

But recently NIKON came up with a brilliant campaign "Nikon Stunning Gallery" in collaboration with Flickr. To be a part of it take a photo from the Coolpix camera. Upload it on Flickr and then tag it with 'nikonstunninggallery'.

It is a brilliant campaign as it engages the users with the product. It is a great way to make present clients feel good about their purchase and entice the users from the competition. Miss Rogue is not quite happy with Kate Moss boney rss, I on the other hand find it quite stunning. 😀

There are 17,000 photos in the gallery and it's growing. I think the success of this campaign will put to rest, all the doubts related to Flickr's purchanse. Between check this out another way how Flickr can be used for Product placement.

Games + Learning + Society June 14, 2006

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Lot of research work has started around the world to understand the influence of gaming on the learning capability of human beings. Moreover, the social implications that agls.gif gaming culture has over a society is debated and discussed very enthusiastically.

Games these days do not only reveal fantasy world in the virtual realm but they also inspire new world views in the physical world. For example – My name is Madison is an Augmented Reality Game that allows users to explore and interact with the urban landscape from a range of perspectives. This project approaches the city as a layered environment. Players understand the development of place through the eyes of history, culture and fantasy.

Now how cool will this be. Learning history in such an environment would be so much fun. It is much better than cramming the history books that we all generally do. After the exam the only thing we remember is, "Akbar was a Mughal Emperor". 🙂 We are not able to appreciate the architecture in that era and we are clueless about the paintings and literature.

But in a simulated environment a student will be able to grasp and retain more. Imagine an overlay comparison of Delhi in British era and present era. Using GPS enabled hand held computer, participants take on the roles of both recipient and creator, performance in context. While walking about the streets, they are provided with information that enhances their understanding of the environment and then gives them the tools to create their own interpretations of place. Amazing!!

The need of hour is more events like these so that issues like learning and social role of games do not get lost in building the gaming industry.

Adidas Goalie June 14, 2006

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Stunning outdoor advertisement of Adidas. Agency behind this creative is TBWA, Germany. 

PS: Click on the pic for the full blown image. 

Pepsi sings Coke screams June 7, 2006

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Pepsi is deploying these posters in Toronto and Vancouver subways, when your plug your headphones in they play music – Link. You could make your own version by grabbing one of these $9 MP3 players, hacking it up and extending the battery.


These world cup posters from coke scream Goaaaaa !!. They scream endlessly and drive nearby people crazy.

[Via Commercial Archive, Makezine]

Web Browsing or Interstellar Expedition June 5, 2006

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[Via Overstated] Yahoo! provides a service called Site Explorer that allows webmasters to do research on how their site is being linked from the rest of the web. As Jeongeun Lee of Y! Korea put it, "we wanted to make this experience more fun." They took the metaphor of exploration quite literally, imagining the web to be a universe, putting the user on an interstellar expedition. The result is a service called Webzari, essentially a different interface on the same data. It looks something like this:

Essentially, it goes something like this: web sites are planets whose size is determined by the number of links they have. Planets are attracted to each other based on the links between them, and you are a little space ship that flies around the universe. Check out Webzari in action:

Webzari for overstated.net

Webzari for kottke.org

Webzari for Yahoo! Korea

Yellow planets denote websites in Korean while purple ones are "foreign" (and you'll notice that the flag next to your spaceship changes depending on the planet you're next to). If you click on a planet you'll get details about the local flora and fauna and the ability to navigate to this part of the solar system. It may not be as useful for research as Site Explorer, but I have to hand it to them, it is definitely more fun.

By the end of next year I expect that they'll probably have replicated the entire Spore game system, wherein when you start a blog your posts are little organisms fighting for control of the site. After for a while your links start to appear and suddenly you zoom out to this interface. Eventually your blog will take over the universe and Yahoo! Search will become artificially intelligent, omnipresent, and omnipotent.

Swarm the Dot June 4, 2006

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Swarm shows you what websites people are visiting, right now.

Swarm is a graphical map of hundreds of websites, all connecting to each other. It updates itself every second with where people are going and coming from. As sites become more popular, they move towards the center of the swarm and grow larger. Conversely, sites that lose traffic move away from the center and grow smaller.

Website traffic is symbolized with thin lines. Each time you see a line appear, it means someone has moved from one site to the other. You can gauge how many people are swarming around based on the number of lines.

It is pretty interesting. Check it out here.

Bumper Stickers June 4, 2006

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Saw these at – OkTataByeBye.com

Flickrpreneur June 1, 2006

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[Via Marketallica]Russell Davies have posted the pictures of these books on Flickr. He has come up with an ingenious way of recommending books to users. He uploads the picture of his books and then added some notes to them. This could be a great product placement idea on flickr. Marketallica is very excited about the concept so am I. 🙂


It says for entrepreneur minds, maybe it is inspiring to develop application that makes it easy to add affiliate programs' link on photos. Then, Flickr, you should encourage and constitute flickrpreneur concept and make big money.

This concept can be a key for brands as it can help a product getting snowballed in a community. Viral medium works best online :).Tomi Ahonen has stressed it quite a lot in his award winning book Communities Dominate Brands.

I hope marketing gurus are listening ?