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IAMAI E business summit December 6, 2006

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Internet and Mobile Association of India organised e-Business Summit 2006 in Mumbai on 30th November. The event was attended by the captains of indian internet and mobile industry. I went there to get a pulse of them as in what directions these guys are thinking.

I dont expect them to share their next billion dollar idea ( do they have one ? ) in an open forum like this. But if any company is working on the next big revolutionary idea they will talk about it cryptically atleast. Everyone likes to brag a little, isn’t it. 🙂

The flavour of the day was YouTube. I can hear whispers of word YouTube in every corner after every 10 minutes. Some one or the other will utter this word and with such supreme confidence that he is a master of this new game and he totally understand how the value gets created at YouTube. As I am nt able to understand the price tag of $1.65 billion myself. I asked the more enlightened ones. And I got the answer – Video rocks man. That is the future. Do you really want me to write all crap here :).

I caught some investors from valley who were also present there. I asked them how do they compare this event with the big events in valley. What is there impression about the captaions of indian internet industry. The guy looked at me and said this event is BULLSHIT. And then he started talking about O’reilly event and that you attain nirvana when you listen to people over there. Thats exactly what he said. I am not garnishing the words :D.

All in all a great effort by IAMAI. Atleast it brings the internet industry in India under one roof. More coverage of the event can be read here.

Couple of suggestion to them.

They should have a venture show case for us young entrepreneurs so that young entrepreneurs like me can show our stuff to big boys.

There should be a session where really innovative ideas are presented and discussed not the usual commoditized crap that was discussed.

Hope someone is listening.

Internet Highlights November 10, 2006

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Users / Usage — Yahoo! has base of 418MM+ unique monthly visitors (+19% Y/Y with 24% Y/Y page view growth, CQ3)

Customer Acquisition — Google (500K – 1MM advertisers / vendors, and rising); 30%+ clicks (and rising) on sponsored links – effective targeting should continue to improve + drive rising monetization

Commerce / Payments — PayPal (123MM accounts, +41% Y/Y, CQ3) + Shopping.com has 40MM+ products in 325+ categories

Advertising — 8% of total US advertising online in 2006E growing to estimated 13%+ within 5 years – Google + Yahoo! = key drivers + beneficiaries

Significant targeting / conversion improvements (related to technology improvements + data leverage) — could bolster annual global revenue per unique user of $9 for Google (+42% Y/Y) and $10 for Yahoo! (+29% Y/Y) 2-3x in next 5 years

Personalization — Recommendation engines improve monetization – examples include Amazon.com + Yahoo! Music

Communications / Telephony — Skype (136MM registered users, +20% Q/Q, CQ3 — may be fastest growing product in history). Based on CQ1 data, Skype traffic = ~7% of global international long distance minutes. Global mobile data services revenue (ex. messaging) has $10 ARPU (and rising). If Skype were a carrier, global registered user level would rank it #3 behind China Mobile (274MM subscribers) and Vodafone (187MM). IM (instant messaging) + SMS / MMS showing strong growth

Video — ~60% of Internet traffic may be P2P file sharing of unmonetized video — ramp in tagging (for search) + partnerships + monetization – note recent moves by likes of ABC / CBS / FOX / NBA / Sony / Warner / Universal / Google / Yahoo!. Challenges (especially related to copyright and infrastructure stress) are significant, but over time, consumer demand should rule and content creators should benefit

Local — Google ‘Long Tail’ + eBay Classifieds (19MM+ unique visitors, +140% Y/Y, CQ2) – traction emerging

Community / Social Media — Likes of Wikipedia, MySpace, YouTube, Yahoo! Flickr + Yahoo! Answers have experienced extraordinary growth. CyWorld (Korea) + TenCent (China) monetizing. 57MM blogs – doubling every 7 months, per Technorati. 1B cameraenabled
mobiles within 1 year – ‘citizen journalism’ in infancy

Mobile — While 17% of global Internet users (32% in N. America) have residential broadband, 8% of global mobile phone subscribers use 3G. American Idol – 63MM votes (via mobiles + Internet) in final 4-hour round, China’s Super Girl – 12MM votes (primarily mobiles) in final 3- hour round. Mobile data services (bolstered by 2.5G & ex. messaging) revenue ~$20B, comparable to online advertising revenue — illustrates potential monetization opportunity for broadband Internet!

(Source Merry Meeker @ Morgan Stanley)

Day 2: TiE ISB Connect 2006 September 24, 2006

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Track 2 : Internet Technologies

Hitesh Oberoi (COO, Naukri.com) , Sanjay Swami (CEO, mChek), Sandeep Murthy (Sherpalo Ventures), Raghav Kher (Founder, Seventymm.com), Samir Sood (Venture Investments, Google), Probir Roy(Founder Coruscant & Paymate) and Ganesh Rengaswamy (Greylock Partners) joined Ajit Balakrishnan for the panel discussion on Internet technologies, chaired by Krishnan Seshadrinathan of Motive.

Track 4 : Technology

Pradeep Gupta (CyberMedia, Band of Angels), Srini Koppulu (VP and MD, Microsoft), Vani Kola (NEA Indo-US), Raj Gollamudi (Bluestream Ventures), Joga Rao (Computer Associates), Ajit Deora (Light Speed Ventures) and Srikanth Sunjararajan (Founder, Persistent) joined Ashok Jhunjunwala for the panel disussion on Technology. The panel discussion was chaired by Sudheer Koneru (Managing Director, SumTotal) and Kalyan Manyam (PhoneLinx).

End of Ramrajya @ Sify July 28, 2006

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R Ramaraj quits Sify Limited as its managing director and chief executive in pursuit of other interests.

Indian internet industry watchers would readily agree that Ramaraj is synonymous with Sify. For he is one of Sify’s co-founders and had contributed 10 per cent of the initial capital when it was started in 1995.

“In many ways we laid the path for others to travel. We were the second Indian company to get listed in Nasdaq. The first was Infosys Technologies Limited. After that it was easy for others,” he recalls.

At that time there were no role models for the company to follow. The industry was new and was getting readymade managerial talent to manage the internet business was a challenge.

“We brought in achievers from different fields. They learnt the internet business and built Sify. The work environment was fantastic and the result is the brand you see today,” he adds.

When one looks back the path that Sify has traversed, the IndiaWorld deal in 1999 would be the major milestone. The company acquired 13 websites for a whopping Rs500 crore. With the dotcom industry going bust, the deal didn’t result in any major gains for the company. Till last fiscal, the company’s turnover hadn’t touched the Rs500-crore mark. Besides, many of the IndiaWorld websites do not exist.

In retrospect, was the deal a mistake? Ramaraj says it was not. “If the circumstances are the same, I would do a similar deal again.” According to him, the internet at that time was a new industry and had new metrics that were different from traditional businesses.

People saw what the IndiaWorld promoter,Rajesh Jain got. One should look at what Sify gained.

When we first tapped the market, we raised $75 million by diluting 20 per cent of our equity in 1999. Soon after the deal, we were able to raise $120 million by diluting just 1.5 per cent. The issue proceeds were used to set up infrastructure and expand our business.

The whole interview can be read here.

Webaroo @ Barcamp Pune June 18, 2006

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webaroo.JPGWebaroo guys explained about their product. I have ranted about it earlier here.

Webaroo is a free software program and service that lets you search and browse real web pages without a connection. It lets you take the web with you. Webaroo stores searchable web content on your laptop, PDA or smart phone.Your content is updated every time you connect to the internet.

Well the idea of carrying a copy of internet on your laptop or pda is mind boggling. Yeah , yeah they don’t put the whole world wide web but the subset you are interested in.

I am not sure how much of a success will it be in developed societies where connectivity is not a problem. But yeah in India it does make sense.

They are trying to moentize by showing the contextual advertisements along with the content you are seeing through webaroo. Some debates have cropped up that how can you monetize by showing someones content and putting you own advertisements. Rahul from Webaroo gave the example that Google is doing the same. Hmm.

It is an interesting start. Lets see how things will go for them in future. All the best guys. 🙂

PS: Webaroo is started by IIT B alumni and is incubated at SINE – IIT Bombay.

Web Browsing or Interstellar Expedition June 5, 2006

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[Via Overstated] Yahoo! provides a service called Site Explorer that allows webmasters to do research on how their site is being linked from the rest of the web. As Jeongeun Lee of Y! Korea put it, "we wanted to make this experience more fun." They took the metaphor of exploration quite literally, imagining the web to be a universe, putting the user on an interstellar expedition. The result is a service called Webzari, essentially a different interface on the same data. It looks something like this:

Essentially, it goes something like this: web sites are planets whose size is determined by the number of links they have. Planets are attracted to each other based on the links between them, and you are a little space ship that flies around the universe. Check out Webzari in action:

Webzari for overstated.net

Webzari for kottke.org

Webzari for Yahoo! Korea

Yellow planets denote websites in Korean while purple ones are "foreign" (and you'll notice that the flag next to your spaceship changes depending on the planet you're next to). If you click on a planet you'll get details about the local flora and fauna and the ability to navigate to this part of the solar system. It may not be as useful for research as Site Explorer, but I have to hand it to them, it is definitely more fun.

By the end of next year I expect that they'll probably have replicated the entire Spore game system, wherein when you start a blog your posts are little organisms fighting for control of the site. After for a while your links start to appear and suddenly you zoom out to this interface. Eventually your blog will take over the universe and Yahoo! Search will become artificially intelligent, omnipresent, and omnipotent.