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Spokn @ Barcamp Hyderabad 2 July 16, 2006

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Mr. Farhan presented Spokn, an open VoIP company. The aim of spokn is that people should be able to use not just computers but mobile phones as well as our regular telephones – not to mention our pda’s and psp’s and so much more – to make inexpensive international calls in a seamless, enjoyable way.

Sounds interesting isn’t it. Spokn is open that means you can use their api’s and may be start your own Telephony company. Hmm !! How about next IIIT-tel :).

Well the larger question is that how successfull will this model be. It is like more than 5 years and WiFi has nt become a big dinasour as it has been projected from the very beginning. People will be using WiFi to access internet from mobile phones and not 3G/GPRS seems a little difficult as of now.

The main reason is that WiFi is not guaranteed. The peace of mind is totally missing because it is factured. It is not available all the time. At some places plans for a city wide WiFi network are on the way. But then how will you ensure seamless tranfer of call when you move from one hot-spot to another hot-spot. Issues are there right.

But Farhan did mention that this will not replace the existing stuff but Spokn like technologies will have a good share. Sounds possible.

It is a brave idea. Brave because it is trying to hit the Telecos right at their sweet point. Telecos all over the world survive because of revenues from talktime (voice minutes) and Spokn is providing an alternative to the people at a very cheap price and on the gadget they love to use i.e. mobile.

All the best to Spokn team.