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VC funding movies in India August 11, 2006

Posted by rajAT in india, movies, venture capital.

Venture funds are now eyeing Indian movies. Chennai-based Pyramid Saimira Theatre is setting up a $150m fund for production and distribution of regional and Bollywood movies.

Pyramid Film Fund will unveil itself over the next nine months in three avatars of $50m each — based on the level of risk and exposure.

The Pyramid group will sponsor around 25% of the fund, while the remaining is being raised from venture funds and institutional investors. The movies that the fund finances — mostly in the mid-budget range of Rs 5-10 crore — will be distributed and exhibited by Pyramid group through its country-wide theatre chain.

Pyramid group, which is currently focused on exhibition markets in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka with around 120 screens, has chalked out plans for country-wide presence with around 2,000 screens by December ‘07. As part of its foray into north India, the group has tied up with Delhi-based developer Spirit Global for presence in 60 malls across Punjab.

Funds’ first project, Dasavatharam, will be released with over 1,000 prints across the country in April next year, and dubbed in several regional languages, including Hindi and Telugu. Talks are currently on to finance few Bollywood movies, including several regional language ones.

Over the last three-four years several corporates, including the ADAG, Tata and Aditya Birla groups have set aside corpus for financing and distribution of movies.



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3. Hiren - August 11, 2006

No wonder. There is no businness like show business.

4. rajAT - August 11, 2006

@Hiren Oh yeah there is nothing like show business. 🙂

Thanks for the links guys. Dint know tht bollywood is so much wanted .. 🙂

5. hemant pachauri - August 28, 2006

I’m looking for VC for the sequel of one of the most admired and popular Indian films SHOLAY. In brief SHOLAY Gen-X is the story of new generation actors like Sunny Deol, Boby Deol, Abhishek Bachchan, Esha Deol. They reunite the families, got apart in the Sholay, of Thakur Sahib, Veeru and Jay. The Ramgarh is revisited. The USP : Mr. Amitabh Bachchan is there, who played the character of Jay and dies in the end.
Sholay still reins in the mind of Indian film lovers all over the world, even after three decades.
The concept of marketing the film is untried and unique in many ways.
If any VC comes forward will invest the money only in signing the actors, not more than $1million, as per the contract full amount is not given in advance, therefore, it can be a profitable proposition.
Looking forward for the response.
Hemant Pachauri
E-mail: hemantpachauri@yahoo.com

6. Rajesh Kaushal - December 1, 2006

hey guys,

Im a writer-director and am starting the filming of my first movie in the next few weeks for an indepentant producer.

Im looking for a Venture Capitalist for a 3 year partnership to produce 3 to 4 quality small to medium budget films and one big budget film.

I have a team of professionals who are talented and firecely motivated to make a mark by producing quality and competitive entertainment for the huge and ever increasing audience for movies in India. After the first film, the opportunities will grow manifold and we will be moving towards bigger projects and with it bigger Profits.

We have some of the most talented directors with some very good scripts ready to be begun…Just need a partner with a vision and the abitlity to invest around US$5million to start up and execute these projects.

Any VC interested please contact me email at the below mentioned address…

Cheers and wish you all the best with all your projects!!
Rajesh Kaushal

7. Rajesh Kaushal - December 1, 2006


I am a writer-director about to begin my first film for an independant producer.

Looking for a Venture Capitalist to invest in a 3 year partnership deal for 3 to 4 Hindi Feature films in the range of US$1Million.

I have a team of people who are extremely talented and motivated to produce quality cinema.

People interested can please contact at the below mentioned email address.

Cheers and wish you all the best to you!
Rajesh Kaushal

8. Rajesh Kaushal - December 1, 2006

Hi all,

I’m sorry the email didn’t appear:

It is rskpictures@gmail.com

Cheers again!

Rajesh Kaushal

9. ChicheBearraf - November 28, 2008

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10. Balmukund Prasad - October 18, 2012

Dear Directors / CEO

Our company Ramnandi Group having 8 concern namely as follows which yearly turnover about 200 crore.

Now said Group board of Director wants to issued IPO for Rs. 300 crore for our New Project Ramnandi Hotel & Resort Ltd. a 5 Star Hotel such Hotel having 165 Rooms with (4) four Presidential Suit Rooms at Bodhgaya.

This 5 Star Hotel is first Hotel in the State of Bihar & Jharkhand said project already under construction & about 50 crore rupees already invest in this project.

Name of Our other concern

1. Ramnandi Hotel & Resort Ltd. a public limited company which project cost about 400 crore & under construction.
2. Ramnandi Automobiles Pvt. Ltd. a private limited company & dealer of TATA Motor Commercial Vehicles.
3. Pareena Motors Pvt. Ltd. Dealer of TATA Motor Passenger Car SUV vehicles.
4. Ramnandi Motor Pvt. Ltd. all Bihar Distributor SUV/P.C. vehicles Spare parts yearly turnover 4 crore.
5. Ramnandi Motors Pvt. Ltd. Truck Body Builders.
6. Ramnandi Diesel, MICO Pump Servicing Center.
7. Ramnandi Fuel, IOC Petrol Pump.
8. Ramnandi Cold Storage 5000 MT Capacity
9. M/s Ramnandi Enterprises Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Distributor Ship. Yearly turnover 12 crore

If you initially satisfied with our company & stood that our company eligible for issued IPO for razing fund by 300 crore kindly confirm by returning mail.

But before launching IPO our 5 Star Hotel (Ramnandi Buddha) concern wants to raise funding by the help of VC (Venture Capitalist) our 5 Star Hotel Project under construction at Bodh-Gaya where the Lord Buddha became enlighted.

Round the year Traveler comes from Buddhist Country. Which Number in millions.

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