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BlogCamp.in September 8, 2006

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I will be camping at BlogCamp this weekend. 🙂

Conversations that will keep people chatty at the camp are –

  • Blogging and Governance – How blogs are being used to provide assistance during times of crisis, uncovering potential crimes, activities, taking on the government, etc.
  • Blogging and Entrepreneurship – Many professionals are using blogs to change their world. Here we talk about how blogging can work towards career development and related areas.
  • Corporate Blogging – Many corporates have started blogging, taking them closer to customers. Here, you could share your stories on why you are incorporating blogs in your products and media strategies.
  • Getting Geeky – The Art and Science of Blogging, how to go about it, tips and tricks of trade and taking blogging to the next level.
  • Blogging as New Media – As blogging goes mainstream, it complements journalism. Here we talk about why traditional media should care about blogging as a form of citizen journalism.
  • Blogging as a Hobby – How blogs help you in showcasing your talents and skills, in sharing your deep thoughts.
  • Blogging and Community – As a tool for action, collective or distributed, as a binding force, as a way for individuals to contribute, and to get back something

There is beach party planned on Saturday night. An evening on the lawns, a bonfire, booze, music, swimming pool, good food. Place is a minute’s walk from the beach. We will be crashing the night at the beach house and will be camping out in the lawns. Looking forward for it the most :D.

Going by spicejet 🙂 to make the whole experience spicy. 🙂


Blogger jailed by US federal court August 2, 2006

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The New York Times reports today what may be the first case of a blogger jailed by a US federal court for not handing over sources or source materials for a story – a case that will raise no end of questions about the rights, responsibilities, and protections of citizens acting as journalists.

Josh Wolf, a 24-year-old blogger and freelancer, had shot video of a San Francisco protest over the 2005 meeting of the G8 in Scotland. Violence ensued, a police officer’s skull was fractured, and authorities say a smoke bomb or firework was put under a police car. Wolf sold some of his video to local TV stations and put more up on his blog. Prosecutors demanded that Wolf testify before a grand jury and hand over everything he shot. Wolf refused and, yesterday, a federal judge found him in contempt and sent him to prison, where he could stay until the grand jury’s term expires next summer. Soon after, a post appeared on his blog asking for donations, thoughts, and prayers under the headline, “Josh is in jail and this is his mom”.

[Via Buzzmachine]

Have you got a girlfriend? July 21, 2006

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Blog Bucks June 26, 2006

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contentnext.JPGAs the print media ponder the possibilities presented by blogs, some journalists are raising money to turn their own independent blogs into businesses.

The latest example is, Rafat Ali, the publisher of PaidContent.org and two other news and analysis sites, MocoNews.net and Contentsutra.com, focused on digital media and other high-tech trends, has raised money to expand his Web-publishing business from venture capitalist Alan Patricof.

The financing, though small in comparison with most Web deals, is one of several in recent weeks that indicate optimism on the part of early-stage investors in the viability of blogs as an outlet for journalism, rather than the gossip and personal opinion that characterizes much of the medium.

Mr. Ali started PaidContent.org four years ago when he couldn't find work after two publications he wrote for, Inside.com and Silicon Alley Reporter, shut down. His site has since developed a following among people interested in how the Internet and other technologies are affecting the media business.

I met Mr. Rafat at a mixer in New Delhi in December. At that time Mr. Trehan, VP Indiatimes, mentioned that Rafat is a million dollar guy. AOL purchase of Weblogs Inc. was still wet and all professional bloggers were eyeing similar deals. Rafat and team continued their good work and now this deal can go along way in building PaidContent a big money spinner.

Between did I mention that ContentSutra was the first professional blog I started reading way back in 2005 (internet years 😀 ). And it openned the doors of a whole new world. Thanks Rafat and all the best.  

Hyderabad Bloggers Meet June 7, 2006

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It was a initial kickoff meet.

We are planning a bigger meet somewhere around June end.

So all you hyderabadi bloggers drop a comment.

Also watch this space.

A meet up will be announced soon.