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TiE Entrepreneurial Summit December 31, 2006

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I attended the TiE Summit in Mumbai. There were lots of problems but finally I was able to make it though only for a day.  It was really a great experience. Highlight of the event was the meeting with Ashish Gupta, Founder of Junglee.com. We chatted for a very long time and it was truly a great experience. He gave me lots of tips and advice. He is truly an awesome guy. Below I have put some pictures of event which my friend Kiruba has taken.

Looking forward for more similar action.


IAMAI E business summit December 6, 2006

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Internet and Mobile Association of India organised e-Business Summit 2006 in Mumbai on 30th November. The event was attended by the captains of indian internet and mobile industry. I went there to get a pulse of them as in what directions these guys are thinking.

I dont expect them to share their next billion dollar idea ( do they have one ? ) in an open forum like this. But if any company is working on the next big revolutionary idea they will talk about it cryptically atleast. Everyone likes to brag a little, isn’t it. 🙂

The flavour of the day was YouTube. I can hear whispers of word YouTube in every corner after every 10 minutes. Some one or the other will utter this word and with such supreme confidence that he is a master of this new game and he totally understand how the value gets created at YouTube. As I am nt able to understand the price tag of $1.65 billion myself. I asked the more enlightened ones. And I got the answer – Video rocks man. That is the future. Do you really want me to write all crap here :).

I caught some investors from valley who were also present there. I asked them how do they compare this event with the big events in valley. What is there impression about the captaions of indian internet industry. The guy looked at me and said this event is BULLSHIT. And then he started talking about O’reilly event and that you attain nirvana when you listen to people over there. Thats exactly what he said. I am not garnishing the words :D.

All in all a great effort by IAMAI. Atleast it brings the internet industry in India under one roof. More coverage of the event can be read here.

Couple of suggestion to them.

They should have a venture show case for us young entrepreneurs so that young entrepreneurs like me can show our stuff to big boys.

There should be a session where really innovative ideas are presented and discussed not the usual commoditized crap that was discussed.

Hope someone is listening.