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Stunning Nikon June 15, 2006

Posted by rajAT in advertising, flickr, fun, marketing, media, nikonstunninggallery.

Till now the question on everybodys mind was how all the social networking sites (Flickr, Del.icio.us, Myspace etc) can be monetized. All big pundits were saying that these alli2m_nikonstunning.jpg are yet another fad and were sidelining them big time.

But recently NIKON came up with a brilliant campaign "Nikon Stunning Gallery" in collaboration with Flickr. To be a part of it take a photo from the Coolpix camera. Upload it on Flickr and then tag it with 'nikonstunninggallery'.

It is a brilliant campaign as it engages the users with the product. It is a great way to make present clients feel good about their purchase and entice the users from the competition. Miss Rogue is not quite happy with Kate Moss boney rss, I on the other hand find it quite stunning. 😀

There are 17,000 photos in the gallery and it's growing. I think the success of this campaign will put to rest, all the doubts related to Flickr's purchanse. Between check this out another way how Flickr can be used for Product placement.



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