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TePP – Technopreneur Promotion Programme July 3, 2006

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The Technopreneur Promotion Programme(TePP) is a novel programme to extend financial support to individual innovators for converting their innovative ideas into working prototypes/models. Jointly operated by the Department of Scientific & Industrial research(DSIR) and Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council(TIFAC) of the Department of Science & Technology(DST), TePP endeavors to tap the vast innovative potential of the citizens of India.

I met Mr. A.S. Rao at ISB today. He told me TePP is very actively seeking for innovative ideas and is very proactive in their approach. The list of projects that have got funded by TePP are here.

Some of the salient points of TePP are –

Who can apply

Any Indian Citizen with an original idea/invention/know-how to develop working prototype/processes can apply for TePP support. Even, the proposal from the owner of a ‘start-up’ company/industry may be considered for TePP support, if the annual turnover of the company / industry doesn’t exceed Rs. 30.00 lakh per annum.

Amount given

The maximum TePP support would be up to 90% of the project cost . The remainder part of the cost i.e. 10% amount in the project would be invested by the applicant. The upper limit for TePP support for the proposal at present is Rs. 10.00 lakh.

IP ownership

The ownership of IPR generated through the TePP projects rest with the innovator/applicant. No sharing of IPR by the forwarding/sponsoring agency will be permitted. The Ministry of Science & Technology(MOST) does not own any responsibility for disputes arising out of the IPR issues, however, the rules and regulations of NRDC or PFC of TIFAC will apply for those projects supported for patents applied by DSIR and TIFAC respectively.



1. labsji - July 3, 2006

It is indeed a cool program.
I am listed #58 in the list 😉

-Balaji S.

2. rajAT - July 3, 2006

Oh wow !!

Would like to know more abt it.

1) How much time their due dilligence process took ?

2) What is they key aspect they look before they took their decision ?

3. labsji - July 4, 2006

In their due deligence process they are looking for:
1) Is it new( Novel)
2) Is it some kind of unworkable hoax
3) Is there a prima faci market for it if the proposed innovation is successful

Much of the initial communication exchange is about clarifying what you are proposing. Then answering the above questions in a genuine way. For me it took about 3 months to get past this stage. Then I asked for an appointment for a no obligation/no risk demo. Which they agreed. The demo accelerated the decision. They decided to fund the poropsal at the demo itself.
The budget fromalaties and the back and forth took 6 months after that. Here there is some delay on my part also.

This is cool in the sense that it is funding for getting your technical prototype done. So they dont focus on market, profitability etc. A qualitative case that there is market for your innovation is enough. This is unlike the usual funder who will ask for ROI figures.

Your Mielage Might Vary.

-Balaji S.

4. rajAT - July 4, 2006

Thts nt much of a deal.

Thanks for the info.

5. A.S.Rao - August 16, 2006

TePP is working to find a way to cut down the process time. The hope at present is on our network partners and TePP outreach centers. We expect process time to be greatly reduced when the proposal was recd and evaluated by one of these network partners.

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